Q: What are the chances of my child getting into your program?

A: The best chances for getting into our program is to register on time. Our registration process begins in early February for the fall. Priority is given to current students and their siblings, church members, and alumni. We then select students by sorting registrations by time and date received. Lastly, we use a lottery system. Registrations may not be dropped off before the established registration dates. (See the bottom of the Registration form for more details.) In addition, it is suggested that you select a first and second choice for classes.


Q: My child just misses the cut-off date; do you ever make exceptions?

A: It is our policy that students must be the required age by September 30th of the upcoming school year to be placed in our classes.



Q: Why is the registration fee non-refundable?

A: The registration fee is used to reserve a spot for your child in our program and to cover administrative costs should you decide to withdraw your child from our program.


Our Program:


Q: Is your program Christian-based?

A: Yes, Little Blessings Preschool is a Christian-based learning center. As a ministry of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, we are designed to meet the early spiritual needs of our students. As a Christian preschool, Little Blessings Preschool will promote the spiritual development of children by conducting weekly Chapel Times that combine Bible stories and songs that affirm God's love. Prayers will be said during Chapel and before snack is eaten each day. Crafts and art projects in the classroom will occasionally expand on Chapel lessons.


Q: Is your program academic-based or play-based?

A: Our program is both.  Our goal is to foster growth by providing a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment. Our three-year-old programs are initially more play-based and social with increasing structure and academics being introduced in the second half of the school year. Our Pre-K 4s programs provide opportunities for play and socialization while placing more emphasis on structure and basic kindergarten readiness skills.


Q: Does your program require parents to volunteer in the classroom (Co-op)?

A: Little Blessings Preschool is open for parents to visit and to observe their children at any time. Teachers are encouraged to invite parents to visit the classroom and to participate in appropriate activities to enrich the school, but there is no requirement for mandatory volunteer time.


Q: When does your program begin and end?

A: Early September - Late May. Classes begin with Open Houses scheduled the week of Labor Day and run through the Thursday before Memorial Day.


Q: Do you follow the Loudoun County Public School calendar?

A: Yes, Little Blessings Preschool follows, as closely as possible, the Loudoun County Public School calendar pertaining to teacher workdays, vacations and holidays. 


Lunch Bunch:


Q: Can my child come early and stay late?

A: Students have the option to stay an hour later in Lunch Bunch. This option begins after class time and is available for a separate fee. We do not offer before school care.


Q: Why is space limited to 14 students?

A: Lunch Bunch is supervised by two staff members with a third staff member available in the building for emergencies. Fourteen is the maximum number of students that our space can accomodate. In addition, the Code of Virginia limits the number of children aged 3-5 that can be supervised by two teachers.


Q: What will my child do in during Lunch Bunch?

A: Lunch Bunch is designed as supervised lunchtime and playtime. Children will first be asked to sit and eat their packed lunch before toys and other activities are started. Children typically enjoy the freedom this program provides after the structure of their school day.


Q: If my child is sick or on vacation, can Lunch Bunch be made up?

A: As with monthly tuition, the preschool depends upon Lunch Bunch fees to maintain our budget and pay staff salaries. Full payment is expected regardless of Lunch Bunch sessions missed due to illness, vacation, or inclement weather. We are not able to accommodate make-up days.


Policies & Procedures:


Q: Why must children be potty trained?

A: Our program, facilities, and staff are not equipped to change soiled diapers and Pull-ups. We do however ask that each student have a change of clothes at the preschool for those occasional accidents.


Q: My child has food allergies. How do you handle snack?

A: If there is a food allergy, which can cause extreme reaction or requires special medication, the parent must supply a snack from home each day for their child or bring a small shoe-boxed sized container stocked with a variety of snacks for their child to select from. Preschool staff members may not give students with a life-threatening allergy any food item not provided by the parent. Students with food allergies are not eligible to participate in our Lunch Bunch program.


Q: My child has food allergies. How do you handle emergency medications?

A: Any child with a diagnosed severe allergy will need to have the diagnosis documented and a care plan identified in the event they should have an inadvertent contact with an allergen. Most life-threatening allergies require the patient to carry an Epi-Pen(tm) and/or an antihistamine (e.g. Benadryl(tm)). Parents are required to provide a Written Medication Consent Form that is filled out and signed by the child's physician and parent along with any medications.Little Blessings Preschool is not a Nut-free school, but staff members will avoid the use of nut products in crafts and cooking projects. In the event that a student in a classroom has a life-threatening food allergy, parents for that class will be notified and asked not to send in snack items containing the allergen. Preschool staff members may not give students with a life-threatening food allergy any food.


Q: How do I handle picking my preschool child up if I have an older child that gets out of school at the same time?

A: This is a frequent problem each year as the public school often does not set schedules for buses until late August. We now offer a Lunch Bunch option to assist parents with Kindergarten scheduling conflicts. Another solution is to find another parent to carpool with or a neighbor that may be willing to get your older child from the bus stop. Depending on an older child's dismissal time, some parents pick-up their older children first or pick-up their preschool child a few minutes early.


Q: Is it all right to pick-up my child a few minutes late?

A: It is the policy of the preschool that children must be picked up at their dismissal time. Please remember that being late can be upsetting to your child and might prevent our staff from getting home on time for their own children.


Q: What is your policy regarding inclement weather?

A: If Loudoun County Public Schools are closed, Little Blessings Preschool will be closed.

A: If Loudoun County Public Schools are delayed one hour, the morning preschool classes will start one hour late, but dismiss on time. Lunch Bunch will meet from 12:00 - 1:00.

A: In the event of a two-hour delay classes will begin at 10:30 and dismiss at 12:00. Lunch Bunch will meet from 12:00 - 1:00.


Early dismissals due to weather by the Loudoun County Public Schools will result in the preschool dismissing as well. Cancellation of classes and Lunch Bunch is also at the Director's discretion. If the Director finds it necessary to cancel or dismiss classes/Lunch Bunch, parents will be notified by phone. Children will be supervised until a parent or guardian arrives. Missed class or Lunch Bunch sessions will not be rescheduled.

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